Intentions of my Artwork – Inside the City Walls

This post will go over the intentions behind my concept piece and animation called “Inside the City Walls” to see whether I succeeded or failed.

Inside the CityInside-the-Castle-Walls

This piece is very different as it is animation as well as it being a standalone still image. I will tackle this being a still image first as that is what it is and an animation second. So what did I intend to do? In this piece, I intended to explore ambience and the emotions of an environment instead of the area and the locations that go with it. I think this piece accomplishes that as it doesn’t harbour the depth required for a standard concept piece but does give an insight to the type of atmosphere that a medieval city might have.

In terms of the viewer’s eyes they are supposed to move from the blue on the right and travel to the left hand side of the page in a fairly straight motion.

Inside the City Walls - Analysis

I think that I have succeeded in this as my lack of orthodox depth gives way to an easy to follow linear line for the viewer’s eye to travel across. The highly contrasting blue on the right in the foreground immediately grabs your attention before shifting over to the left.

In retrospective this is one of my favourite pieces as it represents the start of a new style and shows an orthodox view into the possibilities of digital painting.


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