Intentions of my Artwork – Lara Croft Magazine Cover

This post will go over my GQ inspired magazine cover featuring “Lara Croft” and see whether I followed through on my intentions for this piece.

Page 15 - Magazine Cover (Gloss)
Lara Croft Magazine Cover

This piece was intended to set a different tone for the last pages of my A3 art book as they weren’t linked to the pure concept art style of the first pages in the book. So I designed this as a divide to set a different mood/ tone.

I do feel like I have succeeded but this piece did spiral out into something bigger that I’m very happy with. I made the painting of Lara Croft separately and only made sure that she was facing towards the viewer, other than that I didn’t take into account any magazine layout whilst painting her.

Here are some development images of the process of creating this entire piece.

Lara Croft

GQ Styled Cover Gradient Background
Slight gradient background

GQ Styled Cover 4Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 15.57.47

Page 15 - Magazine Cover (Gloss)
Lara Croft Magazine Cover

In terms of eye movement, I did take any thought with that as it isn’t a concept piece like most of my other paintings. What I can say is that the eyes are drawn to her head and curves around her arm leading to her hand in a circular motion before moving down the body like my Artorias painting.

Lara Croft - Analysis

Artorias - Analysis

This has to be my favourite piece of all time as it is by far my best painting being a hyperrealism piece and doubles as a magazine cover. It’s also a good example of all of the skills I’ve learnt from GIGA compiled into one piece showing Graphic Design, Illustration and Game Arts.

I also got it printed in gloss which was nice.



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