Intentions of my Artwork – Old Ruins

This post will go over the intentions behind my concept piece called “Old Ruins” to see whether I succeeded or failed.

Page 5 - Old Ruins
Old Ruins

This piece was created for my collaboration with freelance analogue artist Dean Gregory for a dystopian world run by birds. I painted this whilst thinking of working in more natural shapes that stood out to create an unorthodox abstract landscape.

I think I have delivered on this whilst I can’t use it for my collaboration as the style doesn’t fit the context I do think this delivery as an independent concept piece.

When creating this I painted it so that the viewer’s eyes would bounce from each circular piece of architecture leading the viewer’s eyes backwards and forwards throughout the piece.

Old Ruins - Analysis

I think I have succeeded in this as my eyes repeatedly jump backwards and forwards using the circular architecture as platforms and that is what I set out to do. What started as a mistake turned into one of my favourite pieces getting a good spot within my landscape A3 fastback bound art book for the summer show.



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