Intentions of my Artwork – Outside the City Walls

This post will go over the intentions behind my concept piece and animation called “Outside the City Walls” to see whether I succeeded or failed.


This piece just like my “Inside the City Walls” is firstly a still image and secondly an animation so I will be cover the still itself as that is what was featured in my final piece.

My intentions were the same with “Inside the City Walls” to mimic the ambience of a self-created fictional area using unorthodox level of depth seen in standard concept art digital paintings. I think I’ve succeeded and I’m very proud of this piece in what it represents I feel like the first piece accomplished it better but this is still a step in the right direction.

In this piece, your eyes were meant to move from the fencing on the left all the way to the faint trees in the background on the right.

Outside the Castle Walls - Analysis

I’m unsure whether this has worked as I get different results each time sometimes I start on the right and finish on the left. Whereas, other times I start on left and finish on the right. I’m neither happy or unhappy about this as it wasn’t what I wanted but it achieves it in a backwards way and gives people a different experience to the one that I have had.

In conclusion, this is a somewhat enjoyable piece that isn’t entirely inventive but achieves to help continue my experimental in both still images and animation.



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