Intentions of my Artwork – Tranquil

This post will go over the intentions behind my concept piece and animation called “Tranquil” to see whether I succeeded or failed.

Frame 15


This piece is similar to pieces like “Inside the City Walls” and “Outside the City Walls” as it is animation as well as it being a standalone still image. I will tackle this being a still image first as that is what it is and an animation second.

This piece like the other pieces of the similar style this piece is supposed to explore the ambience and emotion instead of the physical area of this fictional environment. Once again I’m overjoyed with the result as I feel like I have succeeded with what I set out to do.

In terms of how your eyes should move, they are supposed to start at the right end of the tree trunk on the far right and lead across to the plant-based home on the left.

Tranquil - Analysis

I do feel like I have failed a bit here as I see people do the opposite, start at the plant-based home and work their way over to the tree trunk. This in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter as the image still works and I believe still looks good. Next time I feel like I would add some stairs on to the trunk so that it feels like a natural staircase.


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