Intentions of my Artwork – Underwater

This post will go over the intentions behind my concept piece and animation called “Underwater” to see whether I succeeded or failed.

Frame 13


This piece is the same as my other piece “Tranquil” as it is animation as well as it being a standalone still image. I will tackle this being a still image first as that is what it is and an animation second.

In this piece, I intended to focus on painting water and painting objects in near zero gravity using the scene of the physics found underwater. I do believe that I have been successful in this endeavour as I’m happy with how I’ve portrayed water and atmosphere of an underwater environment.

I wanted the viewer’s eyes to travel from the wreckage on the left in the foreground journey to the iceberg in the background before finishing on the right near the second bit of wreckage in the foreground.

Underwater - Analysis

No, I think that everyone’s eye views this the other way around moving from the right to the left instead of the left to the right. There is nothing wrong with this because once again the image still works and shows an underwater environment in an unorthodox way to frame atmosphere and emotions rather than the physical landscape.


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